Using a Yearly Plan


[Fees/Payment Management] Using a Yearly Plan




  • Admin > Fees/Payment Management > Payment Settings
  • You can register the payment method.
  • Premium features can be used with an Yearly plan (pre-payment).



STEP 1 Browse to Payment Settings Page


  • Access Docswave > Admin > Fees/Payment Management > Payment Settings
  • Access Docswave > Click on the 'Payment management' icon in the upper right


STEP 2 What is Yearly plan?


  • Set the number of members and months of the organization and pay in advance to purchase Seat. Seat will then be automatically deducted based on the number of members per month. 
    (Employed +Leave of absence + retirement status of this month +deleted of this month)
  • This month's (1st-31st) usage fee will be deducted from the 3rd-7th of next month.
  • As member's number changes, Seat may run out of less than the number of months paid, or premium features may be available for more than months.
    • You can purchase in advance by checking the remaining seats in the Seat status.


STEP 3 Registering a Payment Card


  • Payment Methods > Credit Card Registration
  • Click Credit Card Registration and enter the information in the window that appears.
    • Credit card number
    • Expiration Date
    • Password (front 2 digits)
    • Business license number or date of birth
    • Credit Card Description
    • Default card designation: The default card is designated as the preferred payment card.

📌 Overseas card registration is not possible. Please apply for an estimate (link) and use an overseas deposit account or PayPal.


STEP 4 Docswave Premium use settings


  • After completing the payment for the Yearly plan, you must change the Docswave Premium usage setting to ON.
  • If you change the usage setting to ON after payment during the trial period, it will be applied from the end of the trial period.
  • You can proceed with the payment in the free use organization, change the premium use setting to ON, and check it by logging out > login.
    • Charge will be applied from this month and Seat will be deducted from the following month.