Check card payment history


[Fees/Payment Management] Check card payment history




  • Admin > Fees/Payment Management > Payment History Management > Payment history
  • You can check the card payment details.
  • Card receipts can be printed (PDF stored).



STEP 1 Browse to Payment history Page


  • Access Docswave > Admin> Fees/Payment Management > Payment History Management > Payment history


STEP 2 To check payment history


  • You can check the payment details after the card payment is completed.
    • Payment ID : Click to view payment details.
    • Payment product : You can check Annual payment Seat(Yearly plan's buy seat)/ regular payment seat(flexible plan)
    • Payment status : You can check information such as payment completion, payment failure, payment cancellation, etc.
    • Total amount : You can check the final amount paid.
    • Receipt : You can print a card receipt by clicking 'View Receipt'.
    • Payment history : If payment fails, you can check the reason for failure.


STEP 3 Print a card receipt


  • You can view your receipt by clicking 'View Receipt' in the receipt item.
  • You can select and enter the information you want out of the three to check the receipt and print or save PDF.