What is Seat?


[Fees/Payment Management] What is Seat?




  • Admin > Fees/Payment Management > Payment Settings
  • You can learn about Docswave's premium usage unit, Seat.



STEP 1 What is Seat?


  • Seat is a paid Docswave license that allows one member of the organization to use premium features for one month.
  • In other words, one Seat is the same as the Premium usage amount of USD 3 (VAT not included).
  • When you make a payment using the Yearly plan, you will purchase Seat according to the number f members.
    • Ex) 10 members of the organization, 12 months paid Docswave usage
      • 10 x 12 = 120, Buy 120 sheets
      • After that, Seat will be used according to the number of members per month.


STEP 2 What is Blue Seat?


  • This is the Seat that you purchase through payment.
  • Usually, you buy a blue sheet when you use the Yearly plan.
  • Available for 10 years from the date of purchase.


STEP 3 What is White Seat?


  • This is the Seat granted by the Services and Non-profit Foundation.
  • It is usually granted when applying for events, disability compensation, or non-profit foundation applications.
  • Available for one year from the date of payment. 
  • When using the Seat, the White Seat is used before the Blue Seat.