To register a common process


[Workflow Management] To register a common process




  • Admin > Workflow Management > Common Process Management
  • The administrator can register the approval process available to the members of the organization.
  • Approvers, recipients, and observers can be selected as members of the organization, external contacts, and direct selection.
  • You can find out how to set up a process in detail.



STEP 1 Browse to Common Process Management Page


  • Access Docswave > Admin > Workflow Management > Common Process Management


STEP 2 To add and verify processes


  • You can register a new common process by clicking the Add Process icon in the upper right corner.
  • Registered processes are sorted by name by default, and you can change how they are sorted at the top.


STEP 3 To check process terms


  • Member : You can select employed members of the organization and add them to the process.
  • department : You can select by department and add it as a receiving department and a observing department.
    Members of the department selected for the receiving and observing departments can view the contents in the workflow document, even if they change their affiliation to the department later.
  • Contacts : Contacts of organizational outsiders added to the [Shared Contacts] menu. You can only add as a recipient. Additional contacts will be sent a completed document by mail, only the content (excluding the approval column) and the draft document name.
  • Direct selection : If the approval depends on the drafter, the direct selection encourages drafters to see the guidance text and add their own.
    • Approver : Approver who is directly related to the draft document
    • Cooperator : The person who has the authority to approve the relevant draft documents
    • Assenter : Approval authority requiring parallel approval
      Only when two or more organization members are selected, it can be set as an assenter.
      After all assenters approve, the turn passes to the next approver, and if even one of the assenters rejects the document, the document is finally returned.
    • Recipient : The person can be checked after the draft document is finally approved, no right to approve it
    • Observer : The person can check all progress from the time of draft to completion of the relevant document, and there is no right to approve it
  • Correction right setting : If the Correction right setting to the right of the approval is checked, the author may modify the contents of the document in his or her own order.


STEP 4 Registering and deleting processes


  • Example) Registering a process for use in an expense report.
    Drafter > Team Leader of Department (Correction right required) > Parallel approval of Director A and B > Representative Director C + External Receiver D, HR Team of Receiving Department
    1. Click the Add Process icon in the upper right corner
    2. Enter a common process name: Use of an expense report
    3. Enter common process description: Please use this process when using an expense report.
    4. Direct selection > Enter 'Choose a Team Leader' in the guidance > Right + Button Click > Check the check box in front of the guidance created at the bottom > Click the approver > Check that it has been added to the process > Check the correction right check box
    5. Member > Select Director A, B > Click Assenter > Confirm that the process has been added in the same order of approval
    6. Member > Select Representative Director C > Click Approver > Confirm Added to Process
    7. Contacts > Select D > Click Recipient > Confirm Added to Process
    8. Department > Select HR Team > Click Receiving Department > Confirm Added to Process
    9. Click the regist button
  • You can delete a process by checking the check box in front of the process you want to delete and clicking the Trash icon in the upper right corner.
  • Deleted processes cannot be recovered.