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[Workflow Management] Learn more about Premium Forms




  • Admin > Workflow Management > Common Doc Form Management
  • Admin > Workflow Management > Provision Doc Form Introduction
  • Learn more about the components of the Premium Form.



STEP 1 What is Premium Form?


  • The Premium Form is provided by Docswave for various electronic payments.
  • Each item can be inserted and removed in a component drag and drop manner, making it easy and convenient for administrators to fill out the form.
  • We offer approximately 40 form templates, including premium forms that work with each manager's menu, such as vacation applications, spending resolutions, etc.
  • Administrators can directly create forms using components, or they can modify and use provided templates.


STEP 2 What are components?


  • A component refers to items that the drafter can fill out or link information to on a form such as title, approval, department, etc.
  • Components are classified as basic components and interlocking components according to their personality.
    • Basic component : A component that allows members of the organization to enter content.
      • single text, multi-text, smart editor (web editor), single select, multiple select, table, check box, radio button, time (single), time (range), date (single), date (range), date+time (single), date+time (range), notice, image, number, currency, dividing line
    • Connection components : A component that automatically retrieves information from the system based on the information of its members.
      • Approval column (position/title, signature, draft/approval, draft date/payment date), draft date, organization information (organization name, slogan, introduction, address), personnel information (name, email, department, position/title, office number, phone number, address), work type, vacation type, account subject, payment method, item
  • When you place a component within a form and click on it, you can set the component settings on the right.
    • Common Setting : You can set the name, required, and instructions.
    • Detailed Setting : Appears when detailed settings are required for each component.
      • Example) Connection component > HR Information : You can select information such as name, department, position, phone number, and set a name accordingly.
        Basic component > table : You can add as many columns as you want.
  • Provides 'Style' information that allows you to set font, sorting criteria based on components. 
  • You can move the location of a component by clicking the three-line icon to the left of the component name.
  • Click the Save button at the bottom to save the completed form. Subsequently, members of the organization can draft documents using this form.


STEP 3 This is why you need to use premium forms.


  • You can place the approval box at the top of the document.
  • Connection components such as draft date and personnel information can automatically retrieve information from the appropriate organization and members.
  • Intuitive UI allows administrators to quickly and conveniently create forms.
  • The data is automatically linked when finally approved in conjunction with the Admin menu.
  • In Workflow Data Management, you can see only the content at once.


STEP 4 Premium form that can only be copied and introduced!


  • Premium forms linked to the manager's menu cannot be created through empty forms (free forms), and these forms are as follows.
  Menu Name Form Name
1 Leave History Management

휴가 신청서

vacation application

2 Expenditure History Management

지출 결의서

expenditure document

3 Purchase History Management

구매 요청서

purchase request document

4 Work Shift Management

근무 유형 변경 신청서

Application document for Change of Work Type

5 Attendance History Management

근태 내역 변경 신청서

Application document for correction of T&A

  • These forms can be verified and modified by copying or introducing forms.
    • Admin > Workflow Management > Common Doc Form Management > Click the check box in front of the form name > Click the Change Status icon in the upper right corner > Copy Document Form
    • Admin > Workflow Management > Provision Doc Form Introduction > Click the check box in front of the form name > Selecte forms introduction
  • You can modify the contents of the form by adding basic components and connection components to that form