To set up a process for a form


[Workflow Management] To set up a process for a form




  • Admin > Workflow Management > Common Doc Form Management
  • The administrator can set the process (the order of approve) attributable to the form.
  • Approver, recipient, and observer can be selected as a member of the organization, external contact, or direct selection.



STEP 1 Browse to Common Doc Form Management Page


  • Access Docswave > Admin > Workflow Management > Common Doc Form Management


STEP 2 Setting up processes directly


  • Click the name of the form you want to set to go to Form Creation page.
  • Click the Process Settings button on the top right.
  • Docswave's approval process is classified into approvers, cooperators, and agreement holders who have approval authority, and receivers and circulators (receiving departments and circulation departments) who can only check documents.
    • Approver : Approver who is directly related to the draft document
    • Cooperator : The person who has the authority to approve the relevant draft documents
    • Assenter : Approval authority requiring parallel approval
      • Only when two or more organization members are selected, it can be set as an assenter.
      • After all assenters approve, the turn passes to the next approver, and if even one of the assenters rejects the document, the document is finally returned.
    • Recipient : The person can be checked after the draft document is finally approved, no right to approve it
    • Observer : The person can check all progress from the time of draft to completion of the relevant document, and there is no right to approve it
  • You can select from approval person to observer through direct selection of members of the organization.
  • Departments can only be selected as receiving department and observing department.
    • Department members selected as receiving and observing department can view the content in the workflow document if they are part of the department, even if changes are made.
  • Contacts can only be selected as recipients because they are outsiders of your organization.


STEP 3 Process importing


  • The processes that your administrator has set up in advance can be used to set up processes that belong to the form.
  • you can recall the processes that admin set up in [Common Process Management]
  • Learn more about how to set up a common process in [Workflow Management] To register a common process 


STEP 4 To check the process entered


  • Workflow > Doc Draft > Docs Forms > click Form Name
  • The path above allows you to see what happens when member draft a document for the process you set up.