To set common information for a form


[Workflow Management] To set common information for a form




  • Admin > Workflow Management > Common Doc Form Management
  • You can set the output direction of the form, title rules, etc.
  • You can set whether the calendar of the form, attachments, and related documents are linked.
  • You can set a arbitrary decision approver in the form.



STEP 1 Browse to Common Doc Form Management Page


  • Access Docswave > Admin > Workflow Management > Common Doc Form Management


STEP 2 To check document form settings


  • Click the form name to go to the Create Form page.
  • Click 'Doc Form Settings' on the top right.
  • You can set common information that belongs to the form you create/modify.
    • Paper direction : ou can set the orientation provided when writing and printing documents.
    • Form explanation : Allows you to enter a description part that can be viewed by members of the organization when they check the form for document drafting. If not entered, it will be blank.
    • Draft document title rules settings : Allows organizers to set a title that automatically interlocks when drafting a document. The associated draft document name can be modified by the drafter.
    • Calendar connection : You can choose whether to link with Google Calendar. 
      • The Premium Form form uses the Basic Component - Date/Time component to select whether it is linked.
    • Attachments connection : You can choose whether to register attachments when drafting documents. 
    • Related document connection : You can choose whether to register related documents when drafting documents.
    • Arbitrary decision approver usage : You can set a arbitrary decision approver in this form.


STEP 3 To set draft document title rules


  • You can set rules that work with draft document names when a member drafts a document.
  • You can modify the default title rule by clicking the Change button.
    • Document form title : The form name you set is linked.
    • Drafter name : The name of the draft member is linked.
    • Draft date : Draft date is linked.
    • Organization name : The set organization name is linked.
    • URL : The organization URL is linked.
    • Department name : The department name of the proposed organization member is linked.
    • Sequence : After the final approval, the order of the documents is entered.
  • If you want your members to write themselves, you can use 'Direct input 1'  and write the text you want.
    • For example, if you write a direct entry as 'directly enter the document title', the TEXT will appear in the draft document name. This can lead the drafter to modify the document name himself.


STEP 4 To link a form to a calendar


  • You can use the form to link the members included in the draft document approval process to Google Calendar by selecting whether or not to link the calendar as a setting.
  • Save Form > Member First Draft this form> Create Calendar with That Form Name on Google Calendar in Master Account > Final approve Completed > Add Calendar to drafter + members included in the draft document approval process Send Mail > add to your Google Calendar by clicking the Accept among Mail Individually link 
    • Example
      • Administrator sets up Google Calendar link on 'Application for Business Trip' form and saves
      • A member uses the 'Application for Business Trip' form to put B, C, and D into the process and draft a document
      • Calendar created under the name of 'Application for Business Trip' in Google Calendar of Master Account
      • Final approval completed for documents drafted by A member.
      • A, B, C, and D receive a 'Application for Business Trip' calendar add acceptance e-mail in their own e-mails
      • Click the Accept link in the mail content > Go to your Google Calendar
      • Confirmation that the schedule is registered in the calendar called "Application for Business Trip" and the contents of the document drawn up by drafter


STEP 5 Assigning a arbitrary decision approver to a Form


  • You can specify one arbitrary decision approver on one form.
  • If a member of the organization uses the form to include a predetermined person in the approval process when drafting a document, the designated predetermined person may pre-decide the document in his or her own order.