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Thank you for participating in Docswave's first webinar in 2023.

This webinar was conducted in parts 1 and 2 with 2 themes.


Leverage New Docswave to improve business efficiency

Identify key features of New Docswave

User experience of Docswave solutions as groupware that increases business efficiency


Part 1, which lasted from 15:00 to 15:40, focused on the added/improved features of New Docswave.

✅Department Manager
🅰️ I'm curious about the 'department manager'.

✅Premium Form Editor
🅰️ Learn more about Premium Forms

✅To draft and approve in mobile
🅰️Drafting documents on mobile

✅Substitute Approval
🅰️ To check/modify my personnel information

✅ Attendance management - work shift
🅰️ To set the work shift

✅ Attendance management - commuting check and modify history
🅰️ Dashboard 1
🅰️ To check your commuting history

🅰️ To set the authority to Create Board
🅰️Creating a bulletin board



People  also left a lot of questions through pre-application and chat.

❓Is there any way to back up or save the self-made draft form when it is deleted?

✅Admin > Workflow Management > Deleted Doc Form Management allows you to restore deleted forms or completely delete them.

To restore and permanently delete a deletion forms


❓I'd like to print out an expenditure document vertically.

✅ New Docswave also allows you to change the orientation of all premium forms, including sexpenditure document and purchase requests, so you can also print them vertically.

To set common information for a form


❓It's so uncomfortable because I can't check the day of the week of application completion when I receive the email as the recipient.

✅If application completion refers to the time the approve was completed, the recipient will receive a notification mail only after the final approved, so the day on which the notification mail is received is the day the application was completed.
If the draft was made, you can check the approve process at the bottom of the mail body, so you can check the date when the draft was completed.


❓Is there a way to collect all the approved reports at once?

✅ You can view documents that have been approved through the path of Workflow > Workflow documents > Search > Status : Final approval. You can then download the converted file using the PDF export function.
Alternatively, you can download it in batches from Google Drive in your master account.

Saving a document as a PDF file


❓Development of a premium form that can change forms while managing fund records?

✅ Once the document is finalized, you can view the recorded history in Admin > Finances Management > Expenditure History Management at once. Additionally, an expenditure document can be modified as many forms as possible by adding components in the premium form.

To check organization's expenditure History
Modifying the Expenditure document Form


❓As the number of drafting processes increases, I can't sort it out, can you improve the problem?

✅ Current common and personal processes can be sorted by selecting the form name, the last registration date, or the last modification date. 
However, 'Process importing' in draft documents is sorted only by the most recent registration date. The same sorting criteria will be added for this part. Upon completion of the addition, you can check the Customer Center update news.

To register a common process


❓Is it possible to carry over unused vacation in vacation management?

✅ Admin > Leave Management > Leave Management Preferences > Vacation category information > Vacation lapse standard settings to set vacation carryover.
Unlimited Leave Carryover : Set to No Extinction
Need to specify the period of use of the carried-over leave : Set extinct after 1 year + grace period nn days

To set a leave shift


❓Can I use the company domain instead of the user's personal Google email (id@gmail.com)?

✅ If you use Google Workspace, you can use Google as a company domain.
If you are using a mail service other than Google as your company's domain, you should sign up for Google with that email address.

I want to use Google workspace with docswave.
Do I have to have a Gmail account to use Docswave?


❓Is the annual accelerator function added?

✅ Admin > Leave Management > Leave Management Preferences > Remaining Vacation notification feature e-mails members about the remaining vacation days. 
However, we ask for your understanding that the legally recommended annual promotion system requires a vacation plan and signature from the members of the organization in writing, so it is currently difficult to help them through electronic approve system.

To set a leave shift


❓I'd like to see the approval column on the document.

✅ Only if you use the premium form, the document content may include a Signature Column.
If you are using a web form or Google form, the signature column at the top is not included, and when printing it is included in the next chapter of the document as an item in the 'Approval history'
This part is unique to premium foam, so we recommend using premium foam.

Learn more about Premium Forms


❓The form has been deleted from the Redraft feature. Or sometimes the contents of the document cannot be retrieved.

✅ When a document is redraft, an alarm that says "This is a deleted form" appears when a form used in an existing document has been deleted by an administrator. The form has already been deleted, so you cannot draft a document using it. Please draft a new form through Workflow > Doc Draft > Redraft Docs

✅ If the contents of a document are not loaded when a document is redrafted, this occurs when an administrator modifies the form used in an existing document. The form has already been modified, so if you create a new content with the modified form > Draft > Final approval, the content will be loaded until the administrator modifies the form again.

Quickly redraft to a final approved document


❓I'd like to apply the new employee as the recipient of the document all at once.

✅ New Docswave introduces the receiving department / observing department feature.
For example, when drafting a document, add 'Human Resources' as the receiving department.  If the new entrant is subsequently part of the HR team, the new entrant can view all documents that the HR team has been added to as a receiving department in Workflow > Workflow Documents > Received Docs.

To add recipients/observer to a document




2023, Docswave Team's direction of service

Presenting the direction of upgrading docswave service in the future

End-User Needs Communication and Q&A


The second part, which ran from 15:50 to 16:50, focused on the direction of the New Docswave service and the contents of the service to be added.

✅Launch of mobile app service (expected in April, 2013)
   👉Mobile web browser-based hybrid app format
   👉Android 1st and IOS 2nd will be launched separately.

✅Service Stabilization and Expansion
   👉Expect to connect to our own login, social login, and Microsoft 365 account.
   👉Google Cloud Platform (GCP) storage transformation

✅Migrate existing Docswave data
   👉Transfer data from existing Docswave-enabled organizations to the New Docswave environment
   👉Partial Migration 1st Progress
   👉In the future, point-in-time batch migrations
   👉End of existing Docswave service (planned for the second half of the year)



People  also left a lot of questions through pre-application and chat.

❓Will the price change if modularization proceeds?

✅ Prices can be adjusted according to the direction of modularization. For example, as the function is added, the amount may be added if you want to use it, but please understand that the exact direction has not been decided yet.


❓If MS Office integration is strengthened, will Google integration be weakened?

✅ Docswave started as a Google-based cloud groupware. Therefore, even if MS's interoperability is strengthened, Google's interoperability will remain the same. Please understand that it is not a weight on one side, but the scope of use is expanded.


❓The existing Docswave master account and the New Docswave master account are different, is there any problem with data transfer?

✅ Data transfer is still in progress, so it is difficult to accurately guide you. We will do our best to develop it so that there is no problem.


❓Are there many things to prepare when moving to New Docswave?

✅ No, we will proceed with the data migration after applying, so you don't have to prepare anything else. If you want to experience New Docswave before the migration, create an organization on the Docswave homepage now.



Thank you very much for spending about two hours on the Docswave webinar with uneven video and audio transmission.


At the bottom, webinar's presentation material is attached.



We will do our best to prepare more perfectly for the next webinar.


Thank you.
From Docswave