[Notice] Announcement of the extension of the trial period of the initial creation organization of New Docswave

Hello, this is Docswave.

Thank you very much for your love for New Docswave, which opened on September 19th.


Given that some of New Docswave's services were unstable at the beginning of its opening, from September 19 to the end of September,

New Docswave's newly created organization (i.e., those with a trial period of up to October 31st) by September 30th will be eligible for trial extension.

Please check the period below and refer to it for use.




▶Trial end date for newly created organizations between September 19 and September 30

Previous: ~22.10.31

Changed: ~22.11.30

※ The benefits of extending the Trial above are limited to organizations using New Docswave, not existing Docswave.



We will be a Docswave team that always strives to provide better service.

Thank you.