[Notice] Privacy policy Revision Announcement

Hello, this is Software InLife Co., Ltd, which provides Docswave service.

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We are informing you about the revised Docswave Privacy policy.


■ Changes made : Privacy policy

■ Application date : September 19, 2022.

Subject to application : Customers using Docswave Services

Whether to apply to existing customers : Apply it

Terms and Conditions Change Main Content

- All Terms and Conditions Common : Strengthen the clarification of basic concepts and provisions
- Article 3. Items of personal information to be collected : Strengthen the classification and clarification of collection, use purpose, and personal information items
- Article 4. Entrustment of personal information : Clarification of entrusted business and entrusted institutions


Before the revision

After revision

In accordance with the Terms of Service you agreed with, Software in Life collects the following types of information (collectively referred to as “information”).

① Personal information: To provide Docswave services seamlessly, we collect your email address and the name of your organization. We may also collect your profile photo for you to use certain functions Docswave services. Additionally, we automatically and indirectly collect information on the web browser you use, the type of your device, etc., when you use Docswave services. We may also collect other personal information including your credit card information through payment gateways and other carriers to process payment for premium services.
② Non-personally identifiable information: In the course of using Docswave services, Software in Life stores non-personally identifiable information. This information is collected automatically through various technologies; they are not used to identify our users. We store such information by itself or in the database managed by our affiliated companies or service providers. Docswave services may separately use non-personally identifiable information, and this information may be used altogether with other kinds of information to track the total number of Docswave services users, the current status of Docswave services, and data of similar nature.
③ Statistical data: As part of our persistent efforts to better understand our users and provide quality services, Software in Life researches our clients’ demographics, interests, behaviors, and others, based on personal information and other information provided to us. This research includes editing and analyzing statistics, and we may share such statistical data with our affiliated companies, agents, and business partners. This statistical data does not include our users’ personally identifiable information. Software in Life, moreover, may make public the abovementioned statistical data of users when explaining Docswave services in lawful ways to current and future business partners, clients, and third parties.
④ Cookies: To provide you customized Docswave services, Software in Life uses cookies when necessary. These cookies, which are stored in your device (computer, smartphone, etc.), will be retrieved every time they are needed for Docswave services. Cookies are small-sized text files which are transmitted to your browser by the website operating server and stored in your device. When you revisit the website, the website server reads the cookies stored in your device to grasp your preference and to provide efficient services. Also, cookies allow us to offer optimized and customized services to you since they provide information on your website browsing history, how you use websites, your preferences, etc. You have the option of allowing or rejecting the saving of cookies. Through the Internet options of the web browser, you can allow all cookies to be saved, choose to confirm every time cookies are saved, or reject all cookies from being saved. When you reject cookies from being saved, please note that some Docswave services which require login may not be available.
⑤ Data analytics: Software in Life uses analytics software to acquire a better understanding of the functionality of Docswave services, in an effort to improve the services. This software is able to record information such as frequency of Docswave app use, events occurred within the app, aggregated usage, performance data, downloaded source of the app, and more.
Software in Life utilizes your personal information only for your use of Docswave services. Personal information may also be used for answering your inquiries, resolving disputes, sending contents related with payment services, or while processing payment.
Software in Life may use a third party in order to carry out functions (email delivery management, data center management, database management, payment processing, etc.) related with the operation of Docswave services. When we use a third party, we will provide only the necessary information.

The third party will use the provided information for authorized purposes only. Similarly, some Docswave services may be connected to the services of third parties including the linked service providers. Software in Life can only provide your personal information – which is within the range necessary for using Docswave services – to third parties after receiving your consent.
The list of third party services you are currently using and the list of third parties receiving your information can be found in the Docswave ‘Account’ menu.

Software in Life may disclose your personal information for the following purposes:

(1) compliance with legal duties,
(2) protection of the rights and assets of Software in Life or its third parties, and
(3) protection of individual user’s safety or public interests in case of emergencies.
When Software in Life is requested by law enforcement to disclose your personal information, we will only respond to the request after notifying you the requesting institution and the requested information, as well as receiving your consent. For example, we will only provide your information to the judicial institution after notifying you the judicial institution’s request.

Article 3. Items of personal information to be collected
1. The company collects and uses the following personal information when applying for the first use of the service to provide customer use, consultation, and various services.

Purpose of collection and use Personal information items

Organization creation and customer management on the first service use

(All required information)

Company Name (Organization Name), Organization ID, Default Language, Country/Region, Date Indication Format, Time Zone, Phone Number (Contact for Person in Charge)

Customer management when using trial and free services

(All required information)

Company Name (Organization Name), Organization ID, Default Language, Country/Region, Date Indication Format, Time Zone, Phone Number (Contact for Person in Charge)

Customer management for using premium services or using paid services

(All required information)
Business registration number (or date of birth) other than the above information and information for payment of use (card company, card number, first two digits of card password)
Others: When applying for service introduction or quotation for service use

Company name (organization name), company address, number of employees, contact information for person in charge and other service information

2. Furthermore, the following information is collected and used in the process of using services.
A. Cookie Information
i. The company uses cookies when necessary to provide customized services, and cookies mean a set of information stored in the user's device (computer and smart phone, etc.). Users have the right to choose whether to allow or not to store cookies, and when refuse to allow and store cookies, please note that there may be some restrictions or difficulties in logging in and using the service.
B. Other statistics and usability analysis information
i. The company uses information related to statistics and usability for better service. The relevant information will be used only for service improvement and usability analysis.

Article 4. Entrustment of personal information
1. The company entrusts the following personal information processing tasks for smooth personal information processing.

Entrusted person (consignee) Entrusted work

Payment for service usage

(When using a credit card direct debit payment method)
Zendesk (When managing and responding to customer inquiries)

 2. When concluding a consignment contract, in accordance with Article 26 of the 「Personal Information Protection Act」, 'Restriction on processing of personal information due to entrustment of work', the company clearly states in documents such as contracts, responsibilities, such as prohibition of personal information processing other than for the purpose of performing entrusted tasks, technical and administrative protection measures, restrictions on re-entrustment, management, supervision and compensation for consignees and, supervises the trustee for safe handling of personal information.
3. If the contents of the entrusted work or the entrusted person is changed, we will disclose it through this personal information processing policy without any delay.

Announcement date : April 25, 2016
Effective date : May 02, 2016

Announcement date :September 07, 2022
Effective date :September 19, 2022