[Notice] Terms and conditions of service Revision Announcement

Hello, this is Software InLife Co., Ltd, which provides Docswave service.
Thank you for using the service always docswave.
We are informing you about the revised Docswave Terms and conditions of service.


■ Changes made : Terms and conditions of service

■ Application date : September 19, 2022.

Subject to application : Customers using Docswave Services

Whether to apply to existing customers : Apply it

Terms and Conditions Change Main Content

- All Terms and Conditions Common : Strengthen the clarification of basic concepts and provisions
- Article 16. Calculation of service fee, etc. : Clarifying the concept of premium services and billing criteria
- Article 19. Refund of service fee, etc. : Clarification of payment method and payment method of usage fee
- Article 20. Termination of contract : Clarification of the criteria for return of usage fees


Before the revision

After revision

Software in Life provides Docswave services for free, but certain services and functions may be provided as paid services.
For example, the workflows in Docswave can be used among members for free, but certain functions such as adding boards can be used after signing up for Premium Service. Also, for the convenient function of integrating Docswave services with the service provider, for instance, you can choose to use the function by paying a fee.

If you would like to use the paid services and functions of Docswave provided by Software in Life, the fees concerned need to be paid in advance.
The payment methods for paid services and functions which Software in Life provides include credit card, bank transfer, etc. The payment method may depend on each paid service and function. For services which require monthly payment, payment will take place every month unless you stop using the services and personally request the cancellation of monthly payment.

The payment for paid services and functions of Docswave is provided and calculated on a monthly basis for the convenience of both purchase and payment as well as the calculation of units used. The units of purchase are provided as “seats” for paid services. A seat is a unit of purchase which grants one month of the paid service or function for one person. Seats can be purchased by the organization. If you purchase certain number of seats, the number of seats equivalent to the number of your organization’s members will be deducted every month.

Software in Life may require additional personal information from you in order to 04.wm.process.your payment for the paid services and functions of Docswave, and you must provide accurate personal information required by Software in Life.


The typical 04.wm.process.for refund request is as follows.

- After deducting the number of used seats after you have paid for the paid services and functions provided by Docswave, Software in Life will charge a 10% 04.wm.process.ng fee on the remaining seats and then provide the final refund.
- If you request refund within fourteen days of your payment for paid services and functions, refund can be proceeded by cancelling the payment for which refund is requested.
However, if Software in Life limits your service use or terminates the agreement due to your violation of this Terms of Service, Software in Life shall not proceed with any refund whatsoever.
소In the following cases, Software in Life will proceed to a full refund.

- If you were unable to use Docswave services due to disabled service or other causes attributable to Software in Life, even when you have fulfilled the minimum technology requirements suggested by Software in Life
- If the services you paid for were not provided
- If the provided service you paid for is different from as written in text or ads, or if the difference is substantial
- If the normal use of the paid service is remarkably difficult due to the defect of the service provided
Refund, however, is only possible if payment for the paid service was made within three months.

You may raise objections to the service charge.
However, your objection must be raised within one month you became aware of the cause and within three months the cause took place.
For mischarges or full refunds, Software in Life will provide the refund using the same method the payment was 04.wm.process.d with. However, if it is impossible to provide the refund using the same method or in the case of partial refund due to cancellation of service before its termination, refund shall be proceeded in a separate method set forth by Software in Life. For a refund attributable to you, you will be responsible for the fee necessary for 04.wm.process.ng the refund. For a refund attributable to Software in Life, Software in Life will be responsible for the fee necessary for 04.wm.process.ng the refund.
Software in Life is equipped with a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) to enable its users to use the paid services and functions securely. Software in Life also notifies and complies with its Privacy Policy. In the case of ordering and payment of paid services and functions of Docswave, relevant information may be offered to the transaction parties to carry out the transaction, such as facilitating communication and consultation, within the extent permitted by law, etc.
You are obligated to confirm item details and transaction conditions before purchasing any paid services or functions of Docswave. You will be held responsible for all losses and damages caused by failing to confirm the content and transaction conditions for the item of purchase.
In this regard, Software in Life may confirm whether the transaction was made properly and lawfully. Software in Life may suspend the transaction 04.wm.process.until the lawfulness of your payment method is confirmed or it may cancel the transaction. Behaviors such as repetitive purchases without the intention of purchasing or using paid services and functions or accessing the system using abnormal methods are also prohibited.
When a user under the age of applicable legal age uses the paid services and functions of Docswave, the legal guardian’s consent to the agreement is necessary for successfully purchasing the item. For an agreement for which the legal guardian’s consent is not obtained, the user (under the age of applicable legal age) himself or the legal guardian may cancel the agreement.


Article 16. Calculation of service fee, etc.
1. The service usage fee and payment method to be paid by the user in relation to the use of the service provided by the company shall be as posted on the website.
2. The service usage fee includes the fees in each of the following subparagraphs, and specific billing standards are notified on the website.
A. Docswave Premium: It is possible to pay at the monthly fee per member in advance or through post-payment. Detailed billing standards and cost policies will be posted on the website.
i. In principle, the monthly service usage fee will be paid in post-payment system. However, the company may agree with the user to provide the service in advance before payment of the service fee.
ii. In principle, the annual service usage fee must be paid in advance. However, the company provides a certain discount rate according to the contract unit (1 year, 2-year, 3-year). The discount rate for the annual amount is posted on the website.
iii. After selecting the annual plan, in the case of withdrawal or function cancellation, the total amount of the discount during the period of use is applied as a penalty, and an additional 10% is applied to the remaining value of the remaining period.
B. Enterprise: Individual consultation
3. If a user adds a service while using the service, it will be charged on the number of active users as of the date added.
4. The starting date of monthly service usage fee billing starts automatically on the 1st day of the following month at the end of the free use period and, on the billing day of each month, the registered credit or debit card will be billed regularly according to the number of active users at the time of the billing date. This is the time when an administrator opens an account, invites members to log in to the service on the login screen with an ID and password (hereinafter referred to as the “opened starting date”). However, if a separate billing base date is set in the contract of use, the relevant content takes precedence over these Terms and Conditions.
A. The Docswave Premium service has a structure in which charged amount is charged when the service is continued for 2 days as of the opening date and, the customers who have converted to Docswave Premium within 2 days of the end of each month will be charged on the 1st day of the following month.
5. Even if the billing standards are changed while using the service, the increased or decreased service usage fee will not be charged or refunded for the service usage fee for which payment has already been made.
6. The company may provide promotional benefits such as price discounts and extension of the period of use according to the company's policies for the purpose of promoting sales and attracting users. When the user's service application does not meet the company's promotion provision conditions, the company may not provide benefits according to the promotion, and the company will not be responsible for it.
7. If there is a separate agreement between the company and the user regarding the service fee, the agreement takes precedence over these Terms and Conditions.

Article 17. Payment of service fee, etc.
1. The user can pay the service fee by any of the following methods.
A. Deposit without bankbook (e-tax invoice issuance)
B. Direct payment method by credit card
C. Paypal payment
D. Remittance of foreign currency
2. The user can select the payment method within the scope set by the company when paying the fee for using the service. However, since the company does not directly provide payment method by electronic payment agency, the company is exempted from the payment method by electronic payment agency.
3. If the usage date exceeds 2 days from the Docswave Premium service is opened, 1 month usage fee will be applied.
4. Credit card automatic payment method refers to a method in which the service fee is automatically paid with a credit card approved by the user in advance for a certain period. Unless the user expresses intention to withdraw the automatic payment method according to the procedure set by the company, the contract of use is automatically renewed, and payment is made also.
5. The user should be careful not to cause the following reasons when paying the service fee.
A. The use of payment methods other than the user is forbidden.
B. Users must be careful not to cause fraudulent use or forgery accidents due to leakage of passwords and certificates of payment methods. Users must be especially careful not to produce unsigned credit cards, negligence in management, illegal use of credit cards due to unauthorized lending, transfer, or provision of collateral, illegal cash loans, and counterfeiting.
6. If the payment of the service fee is not normally made, the company may restrict the use of the service by the user, and if the company restricts the use of the service for reasons attributable to the user, such as non-payment of the service fee, the company is exempted from any damage caused to the user.
7. The company may add, delete, or change payment methods depending on the circumstances of the company, and will notify in advance the reason and application date.

Article 19. Refund of service fee, etc.
1. When there is overpayment or mis payment of service fee, the company will return the overpaid or mis paid service fee.
2. Even if the service use is canceled mid-month during the service use period, the remaining amount will not be refunded separately.
3. When the user cancels the payment after paying by credit card, the refund amount, method, and date to refund will be subject to the credit card policy and, the company will not be responsible for refund other than taking necessary measures to cancel the payment. However, this is not the case if the user's payment cancellation is intentional or negligent.
4. Users may withdraw payment for objective reasons if there is an objection within 14 days of payment for service.
5. When other users request payment withdrawal or refund while using the service with the amount received from promotions, etc., the remaining amount will be calculated based on the listed price of the service usage amount.

Announcement date : April 25, 2016
Effective date : May 02, 2016

Announcement date : September 07, 2022
Effective date : September 19, 2022