[Notice] Measures to take action in the event of a connection error, such as creating and approving Docswave documents

Hello, this is Docswave.

This is a guide on how to take action in the event of a problem with the two cases below.


Case 1)

This is how to take action if a document draft, approval, connection error, or error message appears within the existing Docswave system.


mceclip0.png    blobid1.png


"The action below should be set to the organization's master account, not the individual account of the organization
Ask your organization administrator who knows the master account to take this action."


1. Please check the master account information of your organization.

  * If you are unable to verify your master account information, please contact the Daxwave Customer Center (1522-8752) or support@docswave.com.

   (We can only provide you with the email address of the master account. The account password cannot be checked at the Daxwave Customer Center, so please check individually.)


2. Before logging in with the master account, please delete the cookies/cache of Chrome browser.

  [Go to see how to delete Chrome browser cookies (click)]


3. When you log in to Docswave with your master account, please allow all Google permission pop-ups in the form below.

  * If there is a check box (two) for Allow, please allow it.

mceclip0.png blobid0.png


4. Click Allow and move on to the Create Organization window. Don't panic, click on the image in the upper right to see the list of organizations you have joined.



After all measures are completed, please log out > log in to check again.

▶If you have followed the instructions but do not return normally(Click)◀


Case 2)

If you log in through the Start button as shown below, but you can only see the Start button again and cannot access the organization, you can contact the organization manager for the organization URL and access it directly within the Daxwave organization.


* How to check the organization URL (administrator only)

The administrator can access it as shown below and click on the Administrator menu to check the organization URL on the Administrator Dashboard screen.



The recurring [Start] screen is a symptom that appears to some members, and action is currently being taken quickly.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.