Drafting a vacation application


[Doc Draft] Drafting a vacation application




  • Workflow > Doc Draft > Docs Forms
  • You can draft a leave application.



STEP 1 Browse to Docs Forms Page


  • Access Docswave > Workflow > Doc Draft > Docs Forms


STEP 2 Fill out the vacation application


  • View linked information about department, position(title), and name.
  • The application date is automatically entered after drafting according to the date you draft. 
  • The document name on the upper right does not change automatically even if the draft date is changed, so if it is a vacation application that is filled out after temporary storage, the drafter must proceed with the correction yourself.
  • Vacation type : You can check the vacation type set by the administrator. Select the vacation you want to use, and then click Register. 
    • Depending on each vacation shift, you can check your remaining vacation days and the number of excess days available.
    • You can check the minimum and maximum number of vacation days that you can apply for depending on each type of vacation you use.
  • Vacation period : Enter how long you want to use your vacation. The end date cannot precede the start date.
  • No. of Vacation days : Entering a vacation period will show the number of days accordingly, and the drafters can modify them within the minimum and maximum number of days.
  • Reason for vacation : Enter the reason for applying for vacation.
  • Complete the creation for other items.


STEP 3 To set up a approval process


  • Click the 'Process Settings' button on the right.
    • Set up members who need approval for the document to be drafted.
    • Add members to the recipient who need final confirmation of the document to be drafted.
    • Add members to the Observer who need confirmation by order of approval process for the documents to be drafted.
    • You can find more information about setting up the process in [Individual Set-up] Manage the processes I use ofte
  • The first tab at the bottom of 'Process Settings' shows the process set up.
  • When finished, draft the document by clicking the Doc Draft button in the upper right corner.


STEP 4 To check a drafted vacation application


  • Workflow > Workflow documents > Draft Docs
  • You can check the document that you have drafted.
  • You can click on the document name to see the content of the document, the process of approval, and opinions.