Draft New Document 1


[Doc Draft] Draft New Document 1




  • Workflow > Doc Draft > Docs Forms
  • You can create and draft documents using the Docswave form.
  • Any form you want can be registered as a favorite.
  • Before drafting a document, the document name can be modified.
  • You can save documents temporarily.



STEP 1 Browse to Docs Forms Page


  • Access Docswave > Workflow > Doc Draft > Docs Forms


STEP 2 Creating a document using a common form


  • you can see the common forms set by your administrator.
  • The sorting order at the top left allows you to choose the form name, registration date, and modification date in the order you want.
  • Select the category on the left to see which forms are classified.
  • Click the magnifying glass 'Form Search' button in the upper right to view the form after searching through the conditions of the form name, registrant, and modifier.
  • You can go to the screen where you can create content by clicking the form name on the form you want.
  • Complete the document contents according to the form that your administrator has set up.


STEP 3 To register a frequently used form as a favorite


  • If you have a form that you use often, you can quickly create a document by bookmarking it.
  • When you click the star icon before the form name you want to favorite, the color fills in and the form name appears at the bottom of the [doc forms] in the left menu.
  • You can go to the screen where you can create a document by clicking on a form name in the list.


STEP 4 To modify a document name


  • The documentation in the upper right corner is displayed according to the form settings set by the administrator.
  • The drafter can modify the document name at the time of the draft.
  • Document name will be visible in the Workflow Documents list after drafting.
  • (SEQ) is a number designated after the final approval, and the order may not be displayed normally when the drafter corrects it.


STEP 5 To temporarily save a created document


  • You can temporarily save the document you were creating.
  • Click the 'Saved temporarily' button in the upper right corner to move the document you were creating to the [Temporary Docs] menu.
  • You can view your saved documents through the path to Doc Draft > Temporary Docs.