To set a Vacation granting policy


[Leave Management] To set a Vacation granting policy




  • Admin > Leave Management > Leave Shift Management > Vacation granting policy
  • You can check information that is set to automatically grant leave to members of the organization.
  • You can modify the automatic leave setting.
  • You can create, delete, or disable automatically granted vacation settings for members



STEP 1 Visit the Leave Shift Management page


  • Access Docswave > Admin > Leave Management > Leave Shift Management


STEP 2 To check registered grant leave information


  • The Leave Days policy automatically grants leave to members based on the information in the policy that is set.
  • When you create an organization, we provide you with a list of settings from the 2nd month to the 40th year by default.
  • The information in the Policies list lets you view the contents of that policy.
    For example, in the case of the 2nd month annual paid leave policy, employees who start 2 months as of the date of entry are given 1 day off.

πŸ“Œ Leave policy does not apply retroactively.
    Therefore, it is not reflected in the past vacation history and will be given on the date that comes later.


STEP 3 To modify vacation days policy information


  • Click the vacation policy name to view and modify the details.
  • Vacation grant policy name : It can be set to a name that is easy for administrators to check, and the set name is entered as 'Reason for Grant' in the members' vacation grant history.
  • Vacation granting policy settings
    • Granting standard : Follow the organization's standard vacation date, and if the grant time is day/month, it will be fixed as the date of joining the company.
      • Date of employment basis : The grant criteria are fixed as the date of entry.
      • Fiscal year basis : The grant criteria can be changed to the date of employment or the fiscal year.
    • Granting time : You can set the time point automatically according to 00 days/months/year after the grant standard date of the members.
    • Granting days : You can set how many days off you will be given to members according to the grant criteria and grant time.
  • Click the Edit button to save the changed information.


STEP 4 Don't use vacation granting policy


  • If you do not want to use the registered vacation granting policy, you can choose one of the two methods below.
    • Disable policy : Change the enablement toggle located to the far right of the Leave policy list to OFF.
    • Delete Policy : Check the check box in front of the vacation days policy name and click the Trash icon in the upper right corner. Deleted vacation cannot be restored.

πŸ“Œ Vacation Standard - date of entry, Granting standard - fiscal year are not available.
      After changing the vacation standard, you can set the use to ON. If you want to change the Granting standard, please change the granting standard after changing the vacation standard, and change the granting standard again.