To set the type of vacation in use


[Leave Management] To set the type of vacation in use




  • Admin > Leave Management > Leave Shift Management > Vacation types in use
  • You can register the types of vacations that members of the organization will use when applying for vacations.
  • You can set the name, default/min/maximum number of days for the vacation type.
  • You can hide unused vacation types.



STEP 1 Visit the Leave Shift Management page


  • Access Docswave > Admin > Leave Management > Leave Shift Management


STEP 2 To register a vacation type in use


  • Methods of using a given annual leave include an annual leave of one day, a half-day leave of four hours, and a time leave of one hour. 
    In this way, [Vacation types settings] is the place where members can select and apply for the type of vacation they want by dividing it into annual leave, half leave, and time leave.
  • You can register a new vacation type using the + button to the right of Vacation types settings.


STEP 3 To set the usage vacation type history


  • Use vacation type name : Enter a name that the members of the organization can choose from in the vacation application.
  • Vacation type use setting : If it is a vacation type used within the organization, set it to ON state
  • Set default number of vacation days : When a member of the organization selects the vacation in the vacation application doc, the number of vacation days that appear for the first. It can be modified according to the vacation period applied by the drafter.
  • Minimum number of vacation days : The minimum number of vacation days that the drafter can apply for.
  • Maximum number of vacation days set : The maximum number of vacation days that the drafter can apply for.


STEP 4 Don't use vacation type


  • The vacation created to manage the members' vacation history cannot be deleted.
    Instead, you can hide it from administrators and members of the organization.
  • You can hide your vacation type in any of the following two ways:
    • Click on the name of the vacation type > Modify the vacation type history > Usage OFF 
    • Vacation types in use > Usage OFF
  • After changing Usage OFF, click the Save Settings button to save.