To set a leave shift


[Leave Management] To set a leave shift




  • Admin > Leave Management > Leave Shift Management
  • You can modify the vacation name.
  • You can set limit of the vacation to use and criteria for vacation extinction. 
  • You can set up a notification of the number of remaining vacation days to be sent to member.



STEP 1 Visit the Leave Shift Management page


  • Access Docswave > Admin > Leave Management > Leave Shift Management


STEP 2 Changing the vacation name


  • Click the vacation category you want to rename.
  • Change to the name you want from vacation category information > vacation name
  • Click the Save button at the bottom.


STEP 3 To set on the number of vacation days that can be used in excess


  • The grant days excess limit is the part that you set about how much negative leave you want to allow for that vacation.
  • If you do not want to allow negative leave other than the vacation granted within your organization, enter 0 days and save.
  • If you are free to use your vacation regardless of the number of vacations granted within your organization, enter 365 days to save.
  • Enter the desired number of days to exceed and click the Save button at the bottom.
  • After saving, members can use negative leave based on the number of days set.


STEP 4 To set the criteria for vacation lapse


  • If you do not allow a vacation carryover, set the vacation expiration criteria to 'disappear after one year' + 0 days to enable the vacation only within a one-year range of the organization's Vacation Standard date.
  • If your organization permits vacation carryover, you can use it by setting "expire after 1 year" + number of days or 'no expiration' according to regulations.
  • For example, if you need to use it within 1 year and 6 months from the standard date of vacation, you can set it to 'expire after 1 year' + grace period of 180 days.


STEP 5 Enable Remaining Vacation Days Notification


  • The administrator can set up to mail the remaining leave of the members at a certain time, depending on the Vacation Standard date.
  • You can send notifications up to twice a year.
  • Click the Save button at the bottom to complete the changes.