Setting up member information


[HR management] Setting up member information




  • Admin > HR management > Organization Chart / Member Management
  • It is possible to check and modify the member's personal information, signature information, etc.
  • Personnel information such as Admin Authorization grant, status, and department to members can be modified.
  • In the absence of a member, an organization member with the authority to face off can be set.



STEP 1 Browse to the Member Settings page


  • Access to Docswave > Admin > HR management > Organization Chart / Member Management


STEP 2 Checking member information


  • Click the member name.
  • You can view and modify basic information, HR information, and Personal information on the Member Info screen.
  • Profile picture and name can be modified.


STEP 3 Modifying information according to information categories


  • Information that can be viewed and modified for each information category is as follows:
  • Profile Image
  • Default Information
    • Name, Email, Authority, Personal language, Personal Country (Region)
  • HR information
    • Employment type, State, Employment date, Retirement date, Department, Title, Position, Employee number, Job, Detailed job
  • Personal information
    • birth date, Phone number, Mobile phone number, Address, Self-introduction, skills, Detailed information, Other information set by the administrator
  • Education
  • Career
  • Education / Certification / Awards
  • Patent information
  • Approval information (signature)
    • signature image, Substitute Approval Settings