Setting up an Organization Chart


[HR management] Setting up an Organization Chart




  • Admin > HR management> Organization Chart / Member Management
  • Organizations can also add, delete, and modify departments.
  • Organizational charts can be organized and managed.



STEP 1 Browse to the Organization Chart Management page


  • Access to Docswave > Admin > HR management > Organization Chart / Member Management


STEP 2 Add Department


  • You can register a department by clicking the '+' button at the top of the organization chart.
  • '+' Before clicking the button, the selected department becomes the parent department of the department that is created.
  • If you do not press the 'Save' button, the information you create will not be saved.


STEP 3 To change the department


  • You can move the department you want to move by clicking it with your mouse.
  • When moving to a higher department, the lower department also moves.
  • You can move between the lower departments, from the lower departments to the upper departments, and so on either side.
  • Press the Save button after completing the move.



STEP 4 Change Department Info


  • Once you click on the department name, a pencil icon appears on the right.
  • You can modify the department name and manager by clicking the pencil icon.
  • Click the 'Edit' button to view the modified organizational chart.


STEP 5 Deleting a Department


  • Click the department name you want to delete once and click the Delete button in the upper right corner.
  • Check the contents of the delete notification window and press the OK button.
  • Click the 'OK' button and view the organizational chart that has been deleted.