Connect Slack Alerts


[Individual Set-up] Connect Slack Alerts




  • My Info > Manage Account Settings > Notification Settings
  • You can receive a notification by linking with Slack.



STEP 1 To check Slack notification interlocking conditions


  • In order to link Slack and Docswave, the following conditions must be met first.
    • A joined Slack workspace must exist.
    • The owner of the Slack workspace first! must proceed with the integration in Docswave.


STEP 2 Browse to the Manage Account Settings page


  • Access Docswave > My Info > Manage Account Settings > Notification Settings


STEP 3 Turn on Slack notification to connect


  • Docswave's default notification is mail notification, and the initial value of Slack notification is set to OFF.
  • To link the Slack notification, click the toggle that is turned off and change it to ON.
  • When you click on the toggle, a window appears for connecting your account.
  • Click the Slack Connect button to navigate to the Slack window.
  • Please allow permission for the smooth use of Slack and Docswave.
    • Docswave notifications are part of Slackbot and are independent of app approval.
    • Please check the name of the connected Slack workspace.
  • After allowing it, you can see that the interlocking of the slacks has been changed to ON.


STEP 4 Get alerts from Slack


  • Once the link has been completed, you can proceed with activities such as drafting Docswave documents and writing posts to receive notifications from Slack.
  • Docswave's notifications can be found in Slackbot in direct messages.