Manage My Account Settings


[Individual Set-up] Manage My Account Settings




  • My Info > Manage Account Settings > Notification Settings
  • My Info > Manage Account Settings > Theme settings
  • You can set up a channel to receive Docswave notifications.
  • You can set the wallpaper and menu color of Docswave.



STEP 1 Browse to the Manage Account Settings page


  • Access Docswave > My Info > Manage Account Settings


STEP 2 To set up Docswave notifications


  • Docswave provides mail notifications by default.
  • You can see in the notification settings that the toggle for sending email notifications is set to ON.
  • If your company using Slack, you can receive notifications with Slack.
  • You can link it by changing the Slack notification toggle to On.


STEP 3 Setting up Docswave themes


  • You can modify the color and wallpaper of the menu by clicking the Theme Settings tab.
  • If you don't have the wallpaper you want, you can set it by uploading the image at the bottom.