Manage the processes I use often


[Individual Set-up] Manage the processes I use often




  • My Info > Manage My Processes
  • I can register the process that I use often.
  • Approvers, recipients, and observers can be selected as members of the organization, shared contacts, and direct selection.
  • You can find out how to set up a process in detail.



STEP 1 Browse to the Manage My Processes page


  • Access Docswave > My Info > Manage My Processes


STEP 2 To add a process


  • You can register a new process by clicking the Add Process icon in the upper right corner.
  • Registered processes are sorted by name by default, and you can change the sort order by selecting the method in the upper left corner.
  • Example) Registering a process for use in a consultation paper
    • process to be established : Drafter > Team Leader A > Director B, C Parallel Approval > Representative Director D + External Receiver E, HR Team of the receiving department
    • Click the Add Process icon in the upper right corner
    • Enter process name: Use 000 protocol
    • Enter process description: Use this process when using 000 protocol
    • Member > Select Department Team Leader A > Click Approver > Verify that it has been added to the process
    • Member > Director B, C Selection > Assenter Click > Confirm that the process has been added in the same order of approval
    • Member > Select Representative Director D > Click Approver > Confirmation added to the process
    • Contacts > Select E > Click Recipient > Verify that you have been added to the process
    • Department > Select HR Team > Click Receiving Department > Confirm Added to Process
    • Click the regist button


STEP 3 To check process terms


  • Member : You can directly select and add members of an organization to the process.
  • Department : You can directly select each department and add it as a receiving department and a observing department.
    • Members of the department selected for the receiving and observing departments can view the contents in the workflow document, even if they change their department later.
  • Contacts : Contacts of organizational outsiders added to the [Shared Contacts] menu. You can only add as an external recipient. Added contacts will be sent a completed document by mail, only the content (excluding the approval column) and the draft name.
  • Approver : Approver who is directly related to the draft document
    Cooperator: The person who has the authority to approve the relevant draft documents
  • Cooperator : The person who has the authority to approve the relevant draft documents
  • Assenter : Approval authority requiring parallel approval
    • You can only set up as a assenter if you select more than one member.
    • When all assenter approve, the turn goes to the next approver, and if at least one person is returned, the document will be finally returned.
  • Recipient : Can be checked after the draft document is finally approved, no right to approve it
  • Observer : You can check all progress from the time of draft to completion of the relevant document, and there is no right to approve it
  • Correction right setting : If the Correction right is checked, the approval person can modify the contents of the document in his or her own order.


STEP 4 To modify and delete processes


  • You can modify the registered process by clicking the process name.
  • You can delete a process by checking the check box in front of the process you want to delete and clicking the Trash icon in the upper right corner.
  • Deleted processes cannot be restored.