Managing the issuance of certificates [Personnel Management]

Certificate issuance management allows you to approve certificates, modify issuance details, and modify and change certificate forms.

[Accept Certificate ]

1. Select [Admin] - [HRM] - [Certificate Issuance Mgmt]

2. Select the title of the document to be approved

3. Approval or Rejection selection

4. Check


[Check certificate issuance history]

※ Requester, date of approved, preview, are available.


[Delete and Add Form Content]

After selecting the generated certificate

1. Select [Settings] input data to the right

2. Select Add item of the pop-up generated. ( ※ You can delete and modify the existing settings on the screen.)

3. Generate data to be added (If the data is not existing, enter the data tag arbitrarily)

4. Check the generated data

5. Enter data contents created by adding rows

※ For career certificates and certificates of employment, which are the basic forms provided by Docswave, insert the image in the bottom [CEO (in) of the company name] section.

[Add Form ]

1. Select [+ Register Forms] in the upper right corner

2. You can copy and paste forms or register them as sources.

[Enter form description ]

※ If instructions are required when applying for a certificate, you can register through the description of the form.

1. Select a certificate form to enter a description of the form

2. Select [Enter form description]

3. Enter the description of the form on the screen that is created.

4. Check

[Using Data Tags ]
- Name: *[AUTHOR.NAME]*
- Position/ Position: *[AUTHOR.ROLE]*
- Department: *[AUTHOR.DEPT]*
- Email : *[AUTHOR.EMAIL]*
- Phone number: *[AUTHOR.PHONE]*
- Date of entry: *[JOIN.DATE]*
- Certificate issue date: *[COMPLETE.DATE]*
- Employee number: *[EMPLOYEE.NUM]*
- Reception number: *[REG.NUM]*