Manage [Personnel Management] Vacation History

From the Manage Vacation History menu, you can set up vacation checks, modifications, vacation grants, and deductions for members of your organization.

[Check vacation history ]

1. Select [Manager] - [HRM] - [Manage leave days]

2. It is possible to check the vacation of all members of the organization, grant leave by department, and check the details of use.


[ Leave granted and deducted ]

※ Previous vacation data must be entered manually if you are a member of the company before using ;Docswave!

※ If the date of vacation is the date of employment, the date of vacation must be set after the date of joining the organization!

1. Select [Giving and deducting leave] on the upper right.

※ If Excel is selected, it can be uploaded in batches.

2. Details of grant, deduction, and target setting 

3. Execution


※ If the deducted vacation details are deleted 

- The vacation application is not deleted, and the deleted contents remain in the opinion.

- Deducted vacation days will be rounded off


[Check the details of additions and deductions ]

1. Select the member to check on the right screen

2. Check the details of vacation grant and deduction

※ Manual assignment and deduction can be checked on the screen.
(Before and After Vacation)


(Before and After Vacation)