Creating an Organization


[Start of an Administrator] Creating an Organization




  • Home > Start > Log in to Google Account
  • You can create an organization for using Docswave.



STEP 1 Getting Started with Docswave


  • Access Docswave > Click the Start button > Log in with a Google
  • Docswave is a Google-based cloud groupware that anyone who uses a Google account as a workspace can log in to create and use an organization right away.
    • What is a Workspace? Check it out here. (Link)
    • While members may be regular free Google accounts, we recommend that you use a workspace account for the master accounts that create your organization.


STEP 2 'Create Organization' Go to the screen


  • When an account using Docswave for the first time logs in, you will see the Google Permit window.
    • Please check the check boxes on Google Drive and Google Calendar and click the Continue button.
    • You can check the Create Organization screen.
  • Accounts registered with Docswave's existing organization can log in and go to the Create Organization window by clicking the '+ Create Organization' button at the bottom of the list of organizations that appear.


STEP 3 Enter organizational information


  • Enter your organization information to start Docswave.
  • Organization name : Enter the organization name to create and use.
  • Organization ID (access URL) : Sets the Docswave organization URL. You can access the organization without going through the Docswave website using the address you entered. In addition, the employee can find the organization using the organization ID.
  • Default Language : Sets the language used by the organization. It is set to the default language when registering as a member of the organization, and member can set their own language separately afterwards. However, notifications (mail, slack) are sent in the organization language that you set up.
  • Country/Region : Sets the country/region in which the organization is used. It is set to the default country/region when registering members, and you can set your own country/region separately afterwards.
  • Date display form : Sets the format in which dates within the organization are marked.
  • Time slot : Sets the time zone for the organization. It is set to the default time zone when registering members, and member's personal time zone follow the time of their computer browser afterwards. 
  • Tel. no : Enter the contact information for the in-house Docswave representative.


STEP 4 Points to Note


  • The account that created the organization becomes the organization's master account, and documents that have been finalized for final approval, attachments, etc. in the organization are stored on the Google Drive of the master account.
  • You cannot change or delete the master account.
  • If you create an organization with a personal account, the connection with Google may be unstable due to problems such as capacity, and we are not responsible for any disadvantages caused by this.
  • We recommend creating a workspace management account and creating an organization with that management account rather than a regular employee account(ex.
  • If you create a new organization, we offer you a trial period to use premium features for free until the end of the following month.
  • However, only one trial period per account will be provided. If you have already used the Trial period as an organization's master account, you will not be able to benefit from the Trial period when creating the organization.