Is this your first time using Docswave?


Is this your first time using Docswave?




Docswave is a Google cloud-based groupware that anyone can log in to and use immediately with a Google account.




You can start Docswave with only 3 steps.

  • STEP 1 : Click the Start button on the homepage
  • STEP 2 : Log in with Google Account
  • STEP 3 : Create an Organization


The Google account that you log in to create an organization recommends a Google Workspace account.

What is a Workspace? Check it out here. (Link)

If you create an organization with a personal account, the connection with Google may be unstable due to problems such as capacity and Google policy.


Once you've finished creating your organization, use a trial period of up to 2 months

1. What is Trial Period?


  • This is the experience period offered by docswave so that you can try the premium features for free.
  • Premium features are freely available for up to two months from the date of organization creation to the end of next month.


2. How should I use each menu?


  • Docswave Customer Center provides detailed instructions for Docswave administrators and members of the organization based on menus and functions.
  • You can find the functions you are curious about through various channels such as search, submit a request.



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