To check for new notification


[Start of a member] To check for new notification




  • You can check notifications within Docswave organization.
  • You can check the PDF details that I downloaded.



STEP 1 Browse to the new notification


  • Docswave Connection > New notification icon in the upper right corner
  • If you have a new alert, a red circle point appears next to the alert appearance icon.


STEP 2 To check for new notification


  • You can check the notifications related to me.
    • Workflow: Notifications such as document-related drafts, approvals, and comments are displayed.
      • Draft Docs
      • Approval document
      • Received Docs
      • Observed Docs
    • Bulletin board: Notifications such as writing posts and writing comments related to bulletin boards appear.
      • Name of each bulletin board
  • Clicking an alert takes you to a page where you can view the content.
    • However, if you don't have permission to read it, you cannot move.


STEP 3 To delete a new notification


  • Check the check box to the right of the notification you want to delete to activate the delete icon at the top.
  • If you click the Delete icon after checking as many times as you want, the notification will be deleted and not restored.


STEP 4 To check PDF download history


  • Click on the 'PDF Download' tab in the upper left corner to see the document history I converted through the 'Export PDF' function.
  • Re-download is possible through the 'PDF Download' button on the right side of each history.
  • The history appears for two weeks as of the download date.
  • Check the check box on the right and click the Delete icon at the top to delete the history.