To set up a common bulletin board


[Community Management] To set up a common bulletin board




  • Admin > Community Management
  • Administrators can create bulletin boards.
  • You can modify and delete bulletin boards.



STEP 1 Browse to Community Management Page


  • Access Docswave > Admin > Community Management


STEP 2 Creating a Common board


  • A common board is a board that can only be registered and set up by administrators authorized to manage the community.
  • You can create a common board by clicking the 'Add' icon on the right.
    • Required or not
      • ON
        • When you write a post on that board, a mail notification is sent to all members of the organization who have access.
        • Only administrators can create posts.
      • OFF
        • When you write a post on that board, a mail notification is sent only to the selected organizers.
        • All members who have access to it can write a post.
    • Full access authority
      • ON
        • All members of the organization can see it.
      • OFF
        • Department access authority, Member access authority, allows you to set up departments and organizational members who can use the board.
    • Presence
      • You can choose whether to use the board via ON/OFF.


STEP 3 To modify a common board


  • The top '공통 게시판' board is a mandatory bulletin board, and it is not possible to set whether it is required, full access rights, and presence.
  • When you mouse over the common board name you want to modify, the pencil-shaped icon on the far right is activated.
  • You can modify the bulletin name by clicking the 'Modify' icon.
  • You can move the order of the bulletin board by moving the hamburger icon to the left of the bulletin board name.
    • The sort order of bulletin boards is shared with members of the organization.


STEP 4 To delete a common board


  • Check the check box to the left of the bulletin board name to activate the 'Delete' icon in the upper right.
  • You can delete the bulletin board by checking the check box of the bulletin board you want to delete and clicking the Delete icon.

📌 Posts written on deleted bulletin boards will also be deleted, and bulletin boards and posts will not be restored.