To search for documents


[Data Management] To search for documents




  • Admin > Data Management > Workflow documents Management
  • You can collect and view the documents you want through document search.
  • Documents can be searched by drafter and approver.
  • Documents can be searched according to the draft date and the approval date.



STEP 1 Browse to Workflow documents Management Page


  • Access Docswave > Admin > Data Management > Workflow documents Management


STEP 2 Searching for documents


  • You can search for documents by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner.
  • You can proceed to the second classification by selecting the category on the left and entering the search criteria.
  • If you want to proceed with a search across all documents, select the entire document category and then proceed with the search.
  • You can also change the order of the retrieved documents according to how they are sorted in the upper left corner.


STEP 3 Searching for documents by condition


  • You can find the document you want through the document name, drafter, approver, draft date, final approval date, attachment name, recipient / observer, and so on.
    • The title component is included in the search scope of the document name. (Premium form only)
  • You can search by setting one or more conditions. The conditions set are retrieved as AND conditions.
  • If you want to change the conditions, you can click Reset to delete the conditions you entered and reenter them.