See all documents in the organization


[Data Management] See all documents in the organization




  • Admin > Data Management > Workflow documents Management
  • You can check the contents of all documents drafted by the organization.
  • You can check documents according to categories and sort order.
  • You can check the document that was drafted in the deleted form.



STEP 1 Browse to Workflow documents Management Page


  • Access Docswave > Admin > Data Management > Workflow documents Management


STEP 2 To check documents


  • You can view a list of documents sorted by document number in the entire document category.
  • The sorting method in the upper left hand corner allows you to change the sorting order, such as status, document name, drafter, and so on. 
  • The master account can view the document on the Google Drive by clicking the Google Drive icon on the far right of the document.
    • Only documents completed with final approval can be checked.
    • Admin accounts can only view documents that are shared by themselves as part of the process.
  • You can click on the document name to see the content of the document.
  • The administrator can modify the document name, add/delete recipient/receiver department, add/delete attachments, etc. in each document.
  • You can find out the type of form through the icon on the left of the document name.
icon_document_premium40_icon_color_default.png Premium Form
icon_document_webform40_icon_color_default.png Web Form
icon_document_uploadform40_icon_color_default.png Upload Form
icon_document_spreadsheets40_icon_color_default.png Google Sheets
icon_document_word40_icon_color_default.png Google Docs
icon_document_presentation40_icon_color_default.png Google Slides


STEP 3 To check documents by category


  • Each document is designated by the document number of the category to which the form belonged at the time of drafting, and you can select the category on the left to classify and check only the documents to which it belongs.
  • If you change the category of the form, you can check the existing documents in the category you belong to which they belong.
    Documents drafted after the change are designated by the document number corresponding to the newly changed category and belong to the category.
  • Existing documents designed in deleted forms can be found in the 'Deleted doc Form' category.