To set data tags


[Certificate Management] To set data tags




  • Admin > Certificate Issuance Management > Forms Management > Click on the form name
  • You can create a new data tag.
  • You can modify or delete the data tag.



STEP 1 Browse to the Certificate Forms Management page


  • Access Docswave > Admin > Certificate Issuance Management > Forms Management


STEP 2 To check data tags


  • The initial name, department, position, e-mail, certificate issuance date, and reception number are automatically recalled information according to the member of the application for issuance.
  • New data tags created through 'Input Data Management' allow members to enter information themselves.
  • New data tags can be created and modified through 'Input Data Management'.


STEP 3 To create a data tag


  • Input Data Management > Create a new data tag by clicking + icon.
  • The data name and description are the parts that are shown to the members when applying for the certificate.
  • Data tags can be written randomly. After saving, copy and paste the data tag into the certificate form.


STEP 4 To modify the data tag


  • When you hover your mouse over the data tag you want to modify, the Modify icon is activated on the right.
  • You can change the information by clicking the Modify button.
  • Click the Save button to save the changed information.

📌 If you modify an existing datatag (name, department, position, position, position/position, email, phone number, mobile phone, address, date of resignation, company number, certificate issuance date, reception number), you may not be able to retrieve linked data.