Creating a Certificate Form


[Certificate Management] Creating a Certificate Form




  • Admin > Certificate Issuance Management > Forms Management
  • You can manage the certificate that the members will apply for.
  • You can create a new certificate form.



STEP 1 Browse to the Certificate Forms Management page


  • Access Docswave > Admin > Certificate Issuance Management > Forms Management


STEP 2 To check the certificate form


  • Manage certificate forms that members can apply for.
  • You cannot move the generated forms in order, but you can sort them by form name, registrant, and modifier.
  • You can create, copy, and delete forms according to each icon on the right.

STEP 3 Create a new certificate form


  • You can create a new certificate using the Add Form icon on the right, or Copy Form icon.
  • Forms can be filled out using the Web Editor, and can also be filled out in HTML code.
  • When you create a certificate form, enter the part that needs the same content as a fixed one in the form document, and enter the data tag for the part that needs to be entered by the members.
  • If you click the Person icon under "Person to be notified" to select an administrator, a notification will be sent when the member of the organization applies for issuance in that form.
  • 'Doc form settings' allow you to enter the output direction and description of the form.
  • Press the Save button to return to the list and see that a new form has been created.


STEP 4 Learn about data tags


  • Data tags allow memberss to automatically recall their information or enter only the information they need when applying for a certificate.
  • Copy and paste the desired data tag into the form document that you created.
  • Depending on the data tag, the members' information is entered into the certificate they applied for.