Saving a document as a PDF file


[Workflow documents] Saving a document as a PDF file




  • Workflow > Workflow documents
  • One document can be saved on a PDF or printed.
  • You can download multiple documents as PDF files.



STEP 1 Browse to the document viewing page


  • Access Docswave > Workflow > Workflow documents
  • Depending on the document you want to view, click the Draft Docs / Approved Docs / Received Docs / Observed Docs / Arbitrary decision Docs / Substitute Approval Docs menu.


STEP 2 Preview / Print / Save PDF for Document


  • Click the document name to view the contents of the document.
  • Click the printer icon in the lower left corner of the document content.
  • Select whether to include approval history and comment history.
  • You can view the preview screen of a document based on the printer connected to your computer.
  • Depending on each Internet browser, you can choose to save PDF or print.
    • Chrome Browser: Select Destination > (Printer / Save to PDF)
    • Edge Browser: Select Printer > (Printer / Save to PDF)
    • Firefox: Select Destination > (Printer / Save to PDF)
    • Whale Browser: Select Destination > (Printer / Save to PDF)
    • Safari: Select the lowest level (save to PDF/PDF)


STEP 3 Convert documents to PDF for download


  • Click the Export PDF icon in the upper right corner to convert the document you want to PDF.
  • The converted PDF file can be found in Latest Notifications > PDF Download.
    • PDF download is available for 2 weeks after conversion.
  • Check the check box in front of the document name you want to convert and click the Export PDF icon.
  • Select whether to include approval history, comment history, attachments, and related docs. 
    • Attachments and related documents are provided in list format with each file name. Please check and print the contents on the attachment tab of each document.
    • All containing items are assigned to the next page of the document's content, one by one by one by default.
  • When you select a PDF type, the merge is converted into one PDF file, separately into each PDF file.
  • If you convert a large amount of documents, it takes a lot of time to send them. If possible, we recommend using less than 10 documents.