Manage Workflows Manage Common Document Forms

The Manage Common Document Forms menu lets you add, modify, copy, delete, and edit forms to suit your organization.

[Add Document Form Classification ]

1. Select [Manager]-[Workflow Management]-[Common Document Form]

2. Select item management upper right [+]

3. Enter the item subject you want to add

4. Select [✔]

[Account subject modification ]

1. Raise the mouse cursor on the subject you want to modify.

※ If you want to change the order, you can select [£] in front of the account subject.

2. Select pencil icon (modify) and trash icon (delete)

3. Select [✔]

[Set document rule title ]

※ Setting the rule of the document title that is generated by default when writing a draft document

1. Select the title of the document rule in the upper right corner

2. Set the draft document title rule and save it

[Move document category]

1. Move Select the document you want and select Move Category in the upper right corner

2. Select the form you want to move and check it.

[Introduce Document Form ]

£ Select the shape of [+] in the upper right corner

£ Select the document form you want and [Create]

※ Refer to the bottom of the page for descriptions of each form.

- When using Premium services, a total of 33 forms are provided through five basic categories: reporting, business, personnel, finance, and general affairs.

- Conveniently check your vacation history and your expenses/purchase history!

- Suitable for document forms (reports, plans, minutes, etc.) that do not require numerical calculations

- Forms using Web Editor

- When modifying a form, you can set the contents of the form by modifying the code.

£ [Common form] - [Select common form type] - [Web form]

£ Select A4 Guide

£ Writing documents according to the organization

£ Set the title of the form

£ Save

※ Using data tags


Position/Position: *[AUTHOR.POSITION]*

Department: *[AUTHOR.DEPT]*

Email : *[AUTHOR.EMAIL]*

Document Draft Date: *[CREATE.DATE]*

※ If information does not appear when applying the data tag

- Ensure that the data tag is entered 

- Ensure data tags are mixed into the form and used

(Example: Using Web Form Form Data Tags on Certificate Forms) 

- Check the typos for the entered data tag

- Ensure that employee information on items in the data tag is registered

- Editing membership information is possible from the Organizational Chart/Management Menu

- Upload and use special forms used by the organization

- When uploading a form and drafting it, the form is downloaded, completed, and uploaded.

※ ;Can't be modified inside Docswave

- Upload documents, official documents, contracts, and complex Excel documents that should be written only in MS Office documents or Korean files.

- Free form using Google Docs

- Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Presentations

[Modify Form ]

※ If you modify the existing form, you can't reconsider it!

£ Select a document to change the form

£ Delete and modify the form additionally

£ Save

[Copy Form ]
※ Purchase request and expenditure resolution form cannot be copied

£ Select the right side management button for the form to be copied

£ Select Confirmation

£ Copy form with form name_COPY confirmation

[ Specify predetermined person ]

※ When designating a predecessor, the final approval can be made by the predecessor, but it can be done only if the approval process includes the predecessor in the approval process!

£ Select the document form to be designated as the predecessor

£ Designation of the right-hand predetermined person [Select] 

£ Select a predetermined person and confirm.

£ Save

[ Google Calendar 연동 ]

※ Google Calendar can be linked when using Premium service.

※ After final approval, you can check it at the Calendar.

£ Select the title of the form to link the calendar to

£ Enable/disable calendar linkage

£ Check the pop-up that takes about 5 minutes

£ Interlink

£ Calendar shared email sent to each organization member on time

£ Select Add Calendar for this email content

£ Calendar sharing