Link Google Calendar to the Workflow Management document form

With Premium, you can link the documentation form to Google Calendar.

[Working with Google Calendar with Document Forms ]

※ If the calendar is linked to the calendar, the calendar is registered when the calendar is registered and the schedule is registered when the schedule is registered.

※ The registered schedule is shared in the Calendar under the name of the linked document form. 

1. Choose [Manager] - [Workflow Management] - [Common Document Form Management]

2. Select the title of the form to link the calendar to

3. Enable/disable calendar linkage

4. Check the pop-up that takes about 5 minutes

5. Interlock

[Share Calendar with Organizer]

1. [Manager] - [Workflow Management] - [Common Document Form Management] [Calinder Interlink] sends an invitation to each member of the organization

※ The corresponding mail will be sent on time

( ex. Calendar linked at 10:20 → E-mail each member at 11:00)

2. Members of the organization connect to the corresponding mail and select [Add this calendar]

3. Google Calendar Link Completed

[Unreceive invitations and add calendar sharers ]

1. Google Calendar Access

2. Select calendar options to share to the left

3. Select [Settings and Sharing]

4. Share the link address through [Get Shared Link] within [Access Permission]


Select [+Add User] within [Share with] and add an organizer email.