Workflow Management Common Process Management

In common process management, draft processes can be registered in advance, and drafts can be easily made by importing them into drafts.

[Register common processes ]

1. Select [Manager] - [Workflow Management] - [Common Process Management]

2. Select the upper right [+]

3. Set process and check

※ Process setting and explanation can be added.

- Payers directly related to the draft document

- The authorized personnel of the relevant department who need to cooperate with the relevant draft documents;

- All agreed upon parties have the same order of payment

- 2 or more members must be selected to be consensual

※ If one member is set as an agreed person, he/she will be changed to a cooperative person.

- At least one of the two parties agreed to return the document.

- Can be checked after the draft document is finally approved

- All progress can be checked from the time of draft to the completion of the draft document.

[Process Individual Selection Settings]

※ If a particular order of approver is different depending on the draftsman, only that part can be selected by the draftsman.

1. Select [Manager] - [Workflow Management] - [Common Process Management]

2. Select the upper right [+]

3. Select [Direct Selection] on the process setting screen

4. Enter the contents according to the draft process and save it.

(ex_Please select a team leader, please select a team leader for your team. etc.)

5. Add to process

6. When organization members draft documents, they can select individually in the process.

[Modify common process settings ]

1. Select the process to modify among the generated processes

2. Check after modifying the contents