[Interview #1] zigbang


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Real estate applications that everyone has heard of at least once
Let's take a look at the Docswave introduction story and work culture in zigbang.


1. Please introduce your company and yourself.

A. There are probably not many people in their 20s and 30s who don't know our zigbang, and zigbang is Korea's No. 1 residential application in Korea. It is currently used by more than 16 million users.


At first, we started providing information on officetels, studio apartments, and two rooms.

Currently, we even provide information on apartments.


And it is advocating a real estate information application that can cover all generations in their 30s and 40s.

My name is Kwak Bo-yeon, and I am in charge of media and public relations in zigbang.


B. I'm Bo Mi Kim from zigbang Management Team.

I'm in charge of general affairs. And I'm probably the one who uses Docswave the most.


2. There is always opposition when introducing a new work system, so how did you persuade them and what efforts did you make?

Docswave is easy to use, so I don't really remember if there were any objections. 😊

When I first introduced it, Many people had a lot of questions, and they wondered if I could use it or not.

I remember there were some people who were confused


At the time when I was thinking about introducing it, all the approval documents were processed in paper.
So, if we introduce a new work system, we need to know for sure what kind of unfamiliarity, awkwardness, or discomfort other team members might feel,
I remember doing more and more tests.
First, I tested it by myself, and then I tested it with people from the same department


After the decision to introduce it company-wide, there is a weekly company-wide meeting called Town Hall Meeting.
At that time, I demonstrated how to use the forms we were going to use, and I reminded the contents organized by company-wide e-mail once again.


And I captured everything I used to use Docswave and made it into a word document.
Newcomers will learn from the document.
If Docswave is updated, we are also updating the word document at that time.


3. You're doing our job for us! Thank you.

We have to get the process internally anyway!
I couldn't do anything about it, and fortunately, the staff used it a little and got used to it quickly


4. Do you have any special know-how to get used to it quickly?

I think the culture where we can communicate horizontally also played a part.

We have a town hall meeting every Wednesday with all the company employees. We can communicate freely at this time. Docswave was also introduced at this time.


And if there's a new employee, let's introduce ourselves at this time.
What's interesting is that you have to talk about where you live!
Because we're zigbang, I think where we live is an identity.


5. What are the advantages of using Docswave?

Before introducing Docswave, we managed it with paper, so there was always a risk of loss.
And it was so uncomfortable when I found it...
I never thought I'd look at the reference or the related data together.


On the other hand if you process the document with Docswave, you can see who is involved, and you can check the relevant data at a glance, so it seems to help you a lot with your work.

And for security reasons, when you manage it with paper, you have to crush it to finish the process, but before you lose it, there's a risk that you don't know where the information came from.


Docswave seems to have cleared up those security issues.

And actually documenting is one of our management team's tasks, and that's a lot easier.


6. What would you say to prospective users who are considering Docswave?

Docswave enables you to deliver documents quickly and accurately, making your business more efficient.

It's really good. And it's comfortable! It doesn't take much time to adjust.

Try it on!