[Interview #10] spoqa


"From the little things that document approval gives, a large part of the discomfort disappears"



1. What kind of company is Spoqa? Please introduce yourself, too


Hello, I'm Lee Yu Na, and I'm in charge of personnel affairs in the personnel team of Spoqa Co., Ltd.

Spoqa Co., Ltd. is a company that develops and operates services for small business owners to carry out missions that connect stores and the world in a sophisticated manner.


To briefly introduce the 'Dodo Cart service', which has recently attracted the attention of many store owners,

It is a service that helps analyze the cost of food materials incurred in the store by taking a simple statement.

Within a year of its launch, the cumulative transaction amount has exceeded 100 billion won, and 70,000 restaurant workers are currently signing up and using it.


In the future, Spoqa will continue to develop and operate services that share the daily lives of small business owners.


I'm connecting Spoqa and prospective Spoqa people in a sophisticated way when they connect the store and the world in a sophisticated way. 😊
From the overall process of recruitment, we are conducting tasks such as education, personnel system enactment/revision, welfare introduction, and management so that we can focus on our work after joining the company.
(We are also conducting guide training so that employees can use Docswave efficiently. 😊)


2. What features of ;Docswave do you use well?


As the person in charge of managing Docswave, I make the most of the functions within the service evenly.
Among them, I often use vacation plans and vacation history management related to personnel affairs
We also download vacation data at the end of the month to review the status of vacations in the company.


Also, as it is an electronic approve site, we use the document design function the most.
And when I draft and approve for the document, I get an e-mail alarm, so I don't have to access Docswave, and I check it through the mail I received. 😊


3. Would you like to say something to prospective users who don't use ;Docswave yet?


If there are people who are still processing approval through documents, please use Docswave
This is because the inconveniences of document approval, from small things to very large parts, disappear with the introduction of Docswave. : )


If the approver is absent, it can be quickly approved outside through Docswave email notification and can be checked at any time through the search function within Docswave, not the drawer.


It will be a useful tool for working. ^^