[Getting Started with Organizers] Configuring and Using the Dashboard

The Dashboard allows you to make progress, announcements, and personal settings of the document.

[Dashboard Main Screen Configuration ]
[ Inbox ]
※ You can check the changes and updates of draft documents in the Inbox at the top right.

[ Bookmark ]
※ You can do the bookmark shortcut in the upper right-hand corner.

[ Personalization ]
※ You can personalize the name of the member in the upper right corner.

1. Set up the payment process
Personalization - Process - Add Process - Process Settings
※ You can import the set process when documenting.

2. Label setting
Personalization - Add + Label - Label Name (Color and Label Name) - Add
※ You can mark the documents by label.

3. Set notification
Personalization - Notification - Select Email and Slack Alerts Active & Disabled.

[Slack linkage method ]

1. Enable Slack notification
2. Select Add to Slack
3. Permission request allowed
※ If it is not visible or interlocked with Slack when proceeding with the above method
1. Select [+Add App] at the bottom left of Slack
2. Docswave search
3. Check the details of linkage

4. Set bulletin board
Personalization - Notification - Bulletin - Change Bulletin Order
5. Theme Settings
Personalization - Notification - Theme - Choose a theme and upload an image.