[Getting Started with Organizers];How to Join a Docswave Invite

;To use the Docswave organization, you must be invited by your organization administrator.

An invitation mail will be sent to your registered mail address, so you can sign up via mail.

[Confirm invitation mail ]

※ Invitation mail is sent to the email entered by the administrator when adding members.

※ Your e-mail address can be registered as a gmail account (@gmail.com) and a g site account (@ mycompany.com) using your Google account.

※ If you do not have a Google Account, see Subscribe to Google with your existing email address.

1. G-mail connection in use

2. Check invitation mail

3. Select Move Docswave to move to the invited organization

[If you don't get an invitation ]

1. Re-check the email registered by the administrator

Administrator - Organizational Chart / Organizational Member Management

2. Request to resend mail

Manager - Organizational Chart/Organization Member Management - Select an Organization Member - Top-right of the pop-up that is generated


[ Accessing Docswave via invitation mail ]

1. Check invitation mail

2. Docswave Select Move

3. Check the organization name and select Sign in with Google

4. Using Docswave