I logged in, but it says no organization is registered.


I logged in, but it says no organization is registered.



If you log in with a Google account from Docswave and it says you don't have an organization, please check the following two things.


To check your logged in account

  • Click on the account profile picture in the upper right corner to see the information about the account you are currently logged in to.
  • Verify that the mail address you are currently logged in to is the same as the mail address you entered when you logged in.
  • If the email address is different when you try to log in, it may be due to the following 3 reasons.
    • You have an alias (secondary email) registered in your Google account.
      • Ask your on-premises wokspace administrator to delete the alias.
    • If you have a Google account logged in to your browser
      • Log out of your browser-synchronized Google account and log in with the Google account that Docswave uses. Shut down all open browsers.
    • If you still have a history of cookies/cache for an existing logged-in Google account
      • Delete the browser's cookie, cache history.
  • Please understand that this phenomenon is a login issue for Google account, and Docswave cannot help you resolve the phenomenon.


To check mail addresses registered with your organization

  • You cannot enter the organization if the mail address registered with the organization is different from the mail address the member logged in to.
  • The administrator should check if there are any typos in the registered e-mail address and can modify the e-mail address using the e-mail address.