Can I use the existing Docswave organization with the NEW Docswave organization?


Can I use the existing Docswave organization with the NEW Docswave organization?





New Docswave website is welcoming you.

Those of you who have continued to use existing Docswave will be very curious if you can create a new Docswave organization and test it to see if it remains and can be used.


1. Can I still use the existing Docswave organization?

  • If you log in from the homepage, you can see the list of organizations that are already joined to Docswave.
    • What if there's only one organization? You can enter the organization immediately and check it out.
  • Of course, you can continue to use the feature as you have used it before.
  • In the organizational list, the representative image of an existing organization displays the first letter of the organization name.


2. Can I create a NEW Docswave organization and test it?

  • When you create a new organization in Docswave, you'll see new screens and new features.
  • Once you create a new organization, we will offer you a trial period of free premium functionality for approximately 2 months.

📌 Organization Creation From the second time, it is created as a free organization without trial period


3. Remember that!

  • You create a new NEW Docswave organization, and the organizations list appears with the existing and newly created organizations.
    • Existing organization : The first letter of the organization name appears as an organization representative image.
    • NEW Organization : Organization images registered in Organization Settings appear as representative images.
  • You can moveNEW Organizations > Existing organizations.
    • However, you cannot move to an existing organization > NEW organization.
    • Go to the homepage ( and enter the NEW organization.