Do I have to have a Gmail account to use Docswave?


Do I have to have a Gmail account to use Docswave?



Docswave is a Google-based cloud-type groupware that is only available with a Google account.

However! You can use Docswave by joining Google with previously used mail such as naver and daum, not necessarily Gmail.


Sign in to Google with the mail I used (link)

  • Google > Create account > For my personal use
  • Click Use my current email address instead

  • Enter last name, first name to use in your account
  • Enter the current email address I use
  • Enter password to use > Next
  • Confirm the verify code you received in the email you entered and enter > Confirm
    • It will be sent under the title 'Verify your email address'


  • Google will proceed with phone number authentication for identification. The phone number you enter will be used for account security.
  • Enter Country Code + Phone Number > Next
  • Enter the verify code received by mobile phone text > Check

  • Enter Birthday, Gender > Next
  • Skip if you don't want to use your phone number, or click Yes if you agree to use it.
  • You will be able to check Google's privacy and terms and conditions, and if you click Create Account after selecting Accept the terms and conditions below, Google Account creation will be completed.
  • After that, you can log in to your Google account using your existing email address.



However, the account that creates the organization in Docswave (master account) is recommended to use the workspace to register the account space.

  • What is a workspace? Check it out here (link)
  • If you create an organization with a general free account, the connection with Google may be unstable due to problems such as capacity and Google policy, and we are not responsible for any disadvantages caused by this.


After signing up for Google using the existing mail, when updating by Google update request, the domain (at the end of @) of the registered mail is automatically changed to gmail. In this case, you must also change the email address of Docswave.

Since the mail address of the master account cannot be changed or deleted, please use the workspace account or gmail account when creating an organization.