Can I try Docswave for free?


Can I try Docswave for free?



Docswave is a Google-based cloud groupware that anyone who uses a Google account as a workspace can log in to create an organization and use it right away.

  • What is a workspace? Check it out here (link)
  • Organizational members may be regular free Google accounts, but we recommend that you use a workspace account for the accounts that create your organization (ex.




Once you create your organization on the Docswave homepage, you will receive a trial period from the day of organization creation to the end of next month for free using premium features.


A trial where you can enjoy it

  • Up to 2 months (from organization creation date to end of next month)
  • Unlimited access to premium features
  • All features are free!!


However, please pay attention to the following.

  • If you create an organization with an account that has experienced the Trial period, the Trial period is not provided.
    • If you just want to test Docswave, make it a personal account.
    • If you want a real deployment, create an organization with an in-house administration account (a workspace account).
  • The trial period ends, and on the 1st of next month! It will be changed to a free version. 


Experience the Docswave function for free and check it out