To grant/change admin authority


[Authority Management] To grant/change admin authority




  • Admin > Authority Management
  • Only the master account, top administrator account is accessible. 
  • Admin can grant administrative rights to members
  • You can change the top administrator, general administrator authority.



STEP 1 Browse to Authority Management Page


  • Access Docswave > Admin > Authority Management
  • Only master accounts, top administrator accounts are accessible.


STEP 2 To add an administrator


  • You can grant administrator authority to members of an organization who do not have administrative authority by clicking the Add icon in the upper left corner. 
  • Select the organization member you want to grant, then click the Register button by selecting from Top Administrator/General Administrator.
  • You can see the members added to the list.


STEP 3 To change an administrator


  • Organizational members with administrator authority can check the top administrator or general administrator authority through the Classification column before their name.
  • A master account exists in only one account in one organization, and cannot be changed or deleted.
  • After you change the top administrator/general administrator's administrator authority, you must click the Save button at the bottom to save the changed information. If you cancel or leave the page, the settings are not saved.


STEP 4 To change admin classify from the [HR management] menu


  • Access Docswave > Admin > HR management > Organization Chart / Member Management
  • Click the name of the organization member that you want to grant/change administrator authority to go to the Member information page.
  • Under default information > Authority (administrator), select the desired administrator and click the Save button to save the changed information.
  • Changing Authority (administrator) information can only be set to a master account, a top administrator account.