[Interview #14] YEOULDOL


"Can link various Google services"



1. What kind of company is YEOULDOL?


YEOULDOL is a non-profit organization that has been running a child-sponsored public service for rare diseases without a cure since 2002.
All activists, including me, the representative of YEOULDOL, work for each job without being paid by the organization, and provide medical, scholarship, and security support for children with rare diseases.


2. What features of Docswave do you use well?


It mainly uses groupware electronic approval functions to efficiently use them for organically promoting and collaborating with activists living across the country.


3. What would you say to prospective users who don't use ;Docswave yet!?


If anyone has a Google Gmail account, we recommend it as the best groupware that can easily form an organization and use various Google services in conjunction with Docswave.