[Draft] Creating a draft document

;How and in order to create draft documents in Docswave.

[Select Form ]

1. Select [Document draft] - [Document form]

2. Check the document form to be drafted in the document category

3. Select a draft document on the right screen 

4. Preparation of a draft

[Freeform draft ]

※ In addition to the premium form, drafts are available in the free draft form.

1. Select [Free Form Draft] in the upper right corner

2. Select Web form, upload form, etc.


- Suitable for document forms (reports, plans, minutes, etc.) that do not require numerical calculations

- Forms using Web Editor

- When modifying a form, you can set the contents of the form by modifying the code.

※ ;The thickness is set to 0 when copying and pasting a table outside of Docswave. 

     Right-click Table > Table Properties > Need to set border thickness 1 or later

Upload Form

- Upload and use special forms used by the organization

- When uploading a form and drafting it, the form is downloaded, completed, and uploaded.

※ ;Can't be modified inside Docswave

- Upload documents, official documents, contracts, and complex Excel documents that should be written only in MS Office documents or Korean files.

Google Docs

- Free form using Google Docs

- Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Presentations

[Process Settings ]

※ The process set during draft cannot be changed after draft!

1. After completing the draft document, select [Process Settings] in the upper right corner.

2. Select an organization member and select an approver, cooperator, etc.


- Payers directly related to the draft document

Cooperative person

- The authorized personnel of the relevant department who need to cooperate with the relevant draft documents;

Agreed person

- All agreed upon parties have the same order of payment

- 2 or more members must be selected to be consensual

※ If one member is set as an agreed person, he/she will be changed to a cooperative person.

- At least one of the two parties agreed to return the document.


- Can be checked after the draft document is finally approved

a circularist

- All progress can be checked from the time of draft to the completion of the draft document.

External recipients

- Send documents to external recipients' e-mails after receiving final approval from external recipients in common contacts

[ Load Process ]

※Import processes that have already been created allows you to set up processes simply.

Document Draft - Document Form Select a document with a specific process

1. Select process settings

2. Select Recall

3. Select the form to be recalled within the common form

4. Automatically set up the process 

[Add Attachments and Comments]

※ Attachments and comments can be added when preparing draft documents.

[Add Favorite Frequently Used Documents]

1. Select [☆] in front of frequently used documents

2. Can be checked within [document draft] - [document form]

[ Authorize Modify ]

※ Authorization granted in the process can be modified in the process of approval.

1. Select the process setting when documenting a document

2. Select approver

3. Select the checkbox for modification authority

4. Check

※ If you have finished writing documents and setting up the process, select [Planning] at the top.