[Draft] Redraft a document

You can make a re-use based on existing documents.

※ If the form of the document is deleted/modified, it cannot be re-written.

[Recommendation through recent draft approval (final approval) document]

※ Among the documents of the draftsman himself, the document with final approval can be re-written.

1. Select [Document draft] - [Recent approval document]

2. Select documents not to be rewritten

3. Preparation of documents based on imported documents

4. Check the payment process 

5. [Draft] Select to complete the draft

[Re-draft via Workflow Mailbox ]

※ Documents included in the approval process can be re-written.

※ Only documents approved and considered can be rewritten

 Access the menu of documents you do not want to reassume within Workflow Documents

1. Select documents to be rewritten

2. Select a re-quote on the upper right corner

3. Preparation of draft documents

※ Attachments are included when re-committing in the payment/receipt/circle/fixed document box

4. Draft