Manage your purchase history menu

You can check the item management and purchase details of the purchase request form on the Purchase History Management menu.

[Add Purchase Item Management ]

1. Select [Admn] - [Finance] - [Manage your purchase history]

2. Select item management upper right [+]

3. Enter the item subject you want to add

4. Select [✔]

[Account subject modification ]

1. Raise the mouse cursor on the subject you want to modify.

※ If you want to change the order, you can select [≡] in front of the account subject.

2. Select pencil icon (modify) and trash icon (delete)

3. Select [✔]

[Check purchase history ]

1. You can check the purchase request details for each subject on the left screen.

2. Can be inquired about drafts and items

3. When selecting [Eyes] on the purchase request list, it is possible to inquire by item, item name, etc.