[Financial Management] Management of expenditures

You can set the expense report account management and payment method expenditure details on the expense report management menu.

[Checking and adding account subjects ]

1. Select [Admin] - [Finance] - [Manage expenditure history]

2. Select [+] in the upper right corner of the Expense Type Managment

3. Enter the account subject you want to add

4. Select [✔]


[Account subject modification ]

1. Post a mouse cursor on the account subject you want to modify

※ If you want to change the order, you can select [≡] in front of the account subject.

2. Select pencil icon (modify) and trash icon (delete)

3. Select [✔]

[Add Payment Method ]

1. Select [+ Payment Method Management] next to the [+] button.

2. Enter the payment method to be added and select [+]


※ Select the method created when modifying or deleting the payment method to select the pencil icon (modify) and the trash can icon (delete).

[Check your spending ]

1. On the left screen, you can check the expenditure details for each account subject.

2. Can be inquired by expenditure date, draft date, payment request date, and final payment date

3. If you select [Eyes] on the list of expenditure resolutions, you can inquire about the account subject, expenditure date, etc.